·  Dutchmed B.V. is based in the Netherlands and was in 1980 originally established as an export sales outlet for a number of Dutch hospital equipment manufacturers.

Gradually, Dutchmed B.V. broadened its base from being a supplier of hospital-equipment of predominately Dutch origin to become a supplier of hospital equipment and consumables from all over the world.

·  Today, Dutchmed B.V. is totally independent of any manufacturer, thereby being able to source and deliver from any supplier anywhere in the world.

·  Dutchmed B.V. is specialized in the selection, supply, installation and commissioning of hospital and medical equipment on an item-by-item, departmental and turnkey basis.
·  Furthermore, Dutchmed B.V. is a supplier of all kind of consumables and disposables. Syringes, needles and bloodlines are produced under Dutchmed label.
·  All in all, Dutchmed B.V. can supply everything needed for the initial setting-up and the subsequent daily running of any health unit, be it big or small.

·  The clients of Dutchmed B.V. fall into many categories and are found in many countries:
·  Governmental aid agencies, firms, societies or private individuals -however, in the main, they are Ministries of Health or other Government Departments and affiliated bodies.


Dutchmed B.V. is represented all over the world since years and has subsidiary offices in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Macedonia. In 2009 our new Dutchmed-M office in Chisinau, Moldova was founded.

·  All our subsidiary offices are able to deliver a wide variety of services within the hospital- and laboratoryfield in their country.

·  Dutchmed B.V. aims at keeping sufficiently large and varied stocks of disposables and hospital equipment spare parts locally.

·  Dutchmed B.V. is assisting the clients in the selection of the right equipment, whether it is based on drawings, schedules of accommodation or specifications.

·  Equipment may come from different sources in Europe, U.S.A., Japan or elsewhere. Equipment lists of specifications can be worked out to suit any requirements as to quality, price, or model.

·  Dutchmed B.V. is able to deliver products of the best quality at very competitive prices.

·  All equipment delivered by Dutchmed B.V. is covered by a one-year warranty period and Dutchmed guarantees the availability of spare parts for a number of years from the date of commissioning.