Dutchmed International BV is specialized in executing projects
in developing countries all over the world.
More than 15 years experience in supplying urgent project goods
and equipment under often difficult local conditions!

Dutchmed International BV is involved in the selection, supply,
installation and commissioning of (turn-key) infrastructure projects.
We supplied project goods needed in hospitals, laboratories, dental clinics, equipment for office, kitchen and laundry, medical waste incinerators, mortuary refrigerators, complete mobile clinics, special vehicles,
(police) boats and ferries crossing several inland rivers in Africa.

Projects executed on a turn-key basis, including installation, training and reliable after-sales and maintenance service with local partners.
Our knowledge and advice in (medical) equipment, efficient purchasing, project planning and (special) transport is at your service.
For any inquiry you may have, get in contact with:
Dutchmed International BV 
Avelingen-West 72 - 4202 MV Gorinchem
the Netherlands
tel. +31 183 669820
fax. +31 183 636260